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F Wear has a highly developed production and shipping systems and we make every effort to ship your orders within 10 Business Days. All orders for pick-up,will call, and delivery will be sent out in either bulk to save on shipping costs or individually on an as per need basis. If you choose to select one of the shipping methods such as USPS or UPS you are responsible for those rates based on the delivery time you need the product in. 




Buckets of Ink squeegee features a 4-5/8” tall handle. These squeegees are manufactured with the same top quality Poplar hardwood as our wood frames for years of durability. The handle is an ergonomic design, which is thicker at the top radius. This design helps eliminate the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome; is very comfortable to use by all screen printers.


Are squeegees are available with or without blade. You can choose from either uncoated or clear coated, and glued in blade or bolted in blade. Blade is available in single durometers of 60, 70, 80 and 90; As well as 75/90/75 multi - durometer.

Squeegee Blade

Squeegee blade can also be purchased by itself in a roll of 72” lengths size or cut to the size you desire.


Screen Printing Supplies Near Me



Finding a screen printing supply store near you is not only a must have. Buckets of Ink offer it’s screen printing supply services everywhere; we not only offer supplies in our local area but we ship out the same day to everywhere else.

Screen Supply

Supply industries are based on pricing and service and more times than not is service that wins over the customer. Buckets of Ink is very competitive on pricing but when beat out by other silk screen supply shops our service is what gets the customer back every time.

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